November 11th Broadcast

Emergent Church - the Real Story

Host: Dr. Stephen R. Phinney
First Aired:  November 11, 2010
Overview:  A quick overview of the history of the Emergent Church movement and its connection to the Freemasons and Deism.
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Can you please tell me the real story of the Emergent Church?  I hear so many different opinions and to be quite frank, I’m a bit confused.
Dear reader, I will tell you the real story but you might not like it.  With the prayer of consideration of writing a book on the historical elements of the church of Laodicea (Emergent church), I will offer a quick overview.
The emerging church/movement is a global “post-Christian” (spiritual formation/Christ replica) movement originally birthed through the leaders of the Age of Enlightenment—founded by the early European Masonic secret society, formerly organized in 1717 but in truth you can trace their movement back to the Brotherhood of Egypt.  This brotherhood makes the claim that they were the free willed society of masons that built King Solomon’s Temple at Jerusalem.  Their first formal gathering included a representative from each of the following groups: Euclid (father of geometry) or Pythagoras (father of philosophy), Moses (Hebrew), the Essenes (New Testament replacements of the Pharisees), the Culdees (monastics/socialistic monks), the Druids (1st Order of Satanist), the Gypsies (Egyptian cultist), the Rosicrucians (secret society of mystics), and last but not least one from the intellectual descendants of Noah (10th Horn/Patriarch). 

The Age of Enlightenment had, and continues to have, goals to “liquefy,” or merge, numeric codes, philosophy, the Hebrew culture, New Testament “believers,” the Catholic Church, Satanist, followers of Egyptian thought, conceptual secret societies and intellectuals. This is why the original nine symbols of the Masonic order mirrored these categories.   Even though the Masons/Enlightened Ones were proactive in America long before they took leadership in the construction of the Constitution of the United States (historical Minnesota archeological find in 1313) for their New World Order, by the early 1800’s, their pluralistic and deist* beliefs emerged in their first educational institutes (seminaries), built by Masons for the strict purpose of integrating their deist beliefs into a theology that matched their open-ended concepts of “freedom of religion” for “political gain” —Harvard (Congregationalist and Unitarian—the official churches of the early Masons), Yale (great intellectual movement of —the Age of Enlightenment), and others.  In fact, the “degree” terminology used by Harvard and Yale derived from the European Mason’s system of Masons graduating from different levels of “degrees” (1-33) - i.e. Master Mason, Master’s degree.
Masons to this day are very active in church leadership, particularly those of the heritage of Jacobus Arminius.  In fact, two movements that “jump started” the “religious” views of Americans were: the followers of Jacobus Arminius—Arminianism, who were against the works of John Calvin, and the Calvinist, the followers of John Calvin.  Even though much of what the Arminians believe is relatively sound, it’s their open-ended Deism (free-will) thinking that caused linage to go “emergent.”  A practice that you will find in most of their descendent church denominations to this very day, which are: beliefs in homosexual pastors, women in pastoral positions, spiritual formation vs. re-birth in Jesus Christ, fifty-fifty marriages, salvation through freedom of intellectual choice, the acceptance of all forms of faiths, revisionary authority, experience driven “Christianity,” ecumenical peace, socialism and I will run out of space if I go on.  The Masonic movement of religious “freedom of choice” and political “freedom of religion” is originally what started this universal emergent mess.  The result of this emergent mindset is every self-proclaimed “Christian” thinks they have the “right” to believe what they perceive truth to be, even though the Word of God is clear and immovable about what true indwelt Christians are required to believe.   
The Emergent Church movement is nothing other than the church of Laodicea (lukewarm or tepid), which is clearly defined in the book of Revelation.  The "postmodern" church of today MUST turn lukewarm in order for the Antichrist to form a One World Religion—pluralism of all faiths (Rev. 17).  Emergent leaders today tell us that Christianity must be “reconstructed” and that they must build this “new Jerusalem” before Christ will return.  The not so new news is—that is exactly what God is going to allow.  Even though our post-modern “church leaders” like Emergent Society members Brian McLaren, Rick Warren, Rob Bell, Peter Drucker, Tony Campollo, Glenn Beck, and thousands of others, believe they are the founders of this new reconstructed Christianity—your local Free (willed) Mason knows different.  The Masons have had a goal for centuries to place the entire world under one order of political and religious perfection—a truth that only the top 3 degrees of Masons will admit to.
Note:  The emergent message of the Masons is no longer singly associated with the braches of Arminianism; it is in the mainstream Christian church and has infected the entire body of Christ.  Few Christian institutions remain untouched by this movement—bless those whom the Lord causes to stand strong.
*Deism is a theological position concerning in the philosophy of religion as the standpoint that reason and observation of the natural world, without the need for organized religion, can determine that a supreme being created the universe. Further the term often implies that this Supreme Being does NOT intervene in human affairs or suspend the natural laws of the universe. Deists typically reject supernatural events such as prophecy and miracles, tending to assert that God (or "Masonic Supreme Architect") has a plan for the universe that is not to be altered by intervention in the affairs of human life. Deists believe in the existence of God, on purely rational grounds, without any reliance on revealed religion or religious authority or holy books.  The movement of Deism was popularized through the Age of Enlightenment.  Some historical deist: Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, George Washington, Alexander Graham Bell, Sigmund Freud, James Madison, James Monroe and many more.  To learn more about Deism click here.


Men Mapping was birthed from an overwhelming burden to reach men who suffer with being fatherless - physically or spiritually. Dr. Phinney's life story reveals the purpose and reason why God would choose a vessel like him to start such an outreach.

The very first group of Men Mappers was a small group men organized by Michael Tope and Steve Phinney in Scottsdale, AZ in 2002. Both saw the need to train and equip men to be protectors of women, children, family-life and the communities they served. Due to the success of this particular group, Steve Phinney incorporated the "Men Mapping" concepts by placing it under the ministry of IOM America (Institute Of Ministry) in the fall of 2002. It continues to be an official part of IOM America.

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