Men Mapping conducts five primary activities through out the year in order to accomplish their mission. 

They are as follows:
  1. Men Mapping Monthly Rallies monthly gatherings that provide   fellowship, networking, and teachings that equip men in understanding the indwelling life of Christ.
  2. Transformation Small Groups –  weekly or bi-monthly small groups that provide mentorship and personal healing.
  3. Small Group Leadership Training Classes – 3 hour training class that equips men with the fundamental principles of leading a small group.
  4. Community-wide Leadership Training – equipping men on topics relating to Biblical manhood.  We offer these seminars six times per year.
  5. Annual Men Mapping Men’s Advances – an annual men’s retreat that rally’s the men for a weekend of celebration and spiritual mapping.

M2 Plan

In order to establish a revolution of restoration in the hearts of men, we suggest the following:

  1. Recruit: Secure, and appoint your designated leader to head up your local Men Mapping Outreach.
  2. Apply:  Once your leader is secured, fill in the Men Mapping Application by clicking on the link below.  If for some reason this link does not open, call our home offices: 602-292-2985.
  3. Wait:  Once our home office receives your application, we will start the acceptance process.  During this time, we need to have you complete the IOM Doctrinal Check List - this is accomplished by clicking here.  If for some reason this link does not work, send an e-mail to and we will send you the check-list.  E-mail or snail-mail a copy of the check-list back to us: P.O. Box 71, Sterling, KS 67579.  This check-list is a critical part of your application.  We are NOT hunting for "perfect" candidates but we don't want leaders who are touting "bad doctrines" to be leading other men.  This questionnaire simply opens spiritual dialog between the applicant and Dr. Phinney. 
  4. The Call:  Once the team reviews your application and check-list, Dr. Phinney will be contacting you personally.  This phone call is to answer questions that both parties might have.  Within a week, you will receive a notification as to your acceptance, or lack of it, to the Men Mapping leadership team.  
  5. Team Member:  Once a team member, the leader will need to recruit his small group leaders, announce the training date(s) and begin preparing for the teachings.  This is done by one of two separate methods, order the Small Group Leadership PowerPoint from IOM America and teach it yourself, or schedule Dr. Phinney to come and conduct the training for you.  The cost for booking him is travel cost (driving .49 per mile) and honorarium.  If you conduct the training yourself, each small group leader is required to have their own copy of the Building Blocks to Small Group Leadership.  We recomment ordering through "downloads," printing and then handing them out.  It saves time, money and confusion. 
  6. Sponsors:  Find out what chruches and ministries in your area want to become sponsors in your vision.  These sponsors need to know that the benefit of sponsorship is free public awarness of their church/ministry and that their logo will be on all of your printed material.  All sponsoring churches, ministries and group leaders are encouraged to hand pick key leaders, or leaders in the making, to attend the Small Group Leadership Training classes. (review point 5).
  7. Secure Key-Note:  We suggest making use of Dr. Phinney for your first key-note, if he is available.  Outside of that option, the Senior Pastor of the hosting church should be the first key-note in order to promote and place a "stamp of approval" on what Men Mapping is about to do.  Even if Dr. Phinney comes, the Senior should have a minimum of 10 minutes before the Rally starts to cast his vision of men's ministry.  It needs to be noted that the MM Leader should schedule a minimum of 6 months of speakers at a time.  These men have busy schedules and need that much advance notice.  Their speaking topics should be Biblical, masculine and highly motivational. 
  8. Recruit:  Before, during and after the small group leadership training phase, the leader should be recruiting and getting ready for the first  Men  Mapping Monthly Rally. That is accomplished by contacting all churches within a 10+ mile radius of the hosting churches location and notifing them of your Rally.  Please remember to educate them as to the mission and who the key-note speaker will be.  Ask them if you can send a master copy of the flier via e-mail or snail-mail.  We have templets of the Rally events available.  To best promote the event, IOM America/Men Mapping Outreach will assist your leader in accomplish a successful campain. 
  9. Small Groups:  At the end of the Monthly Rally, men are invited to attend one of the Small Groups you have ready and waiting.  As you will learn in the Small Group Training, you can use any material your Senior pastor approves but we strongly suggest starting with the Men & Warfare - 30-Day Study Guide by Dr. Phinney.  This study helps the men learn the basics of the armor of God.  Plus, this study comes with a leaders guide.  The publication we recommend to follow Men & Warfare is The Principled Patriarch and once completing this one, we recommend the men to go through Sexual Temptations of Men - all can be reviewed at: IOM America Resource Center.  By the way, the way you find the number of small groups to have ready is through this simple formula: take the number of estimated interested men who will be attending the Rally and extract 20% numerically.  That is how many men will most likely enroll in a small group.  Keep in mind that your small groups should stay within 6-8 men.  Men Mapping always recommend to train several additional small group leaders in case our little formula gets proven wrong.  When you schedule these small groups, pick diffrent times and days to open the door of opportunity for the men. 
  10. Sponsoring Churches/Ministries:  Secure the churches and ministries that will be supporting and sponsoring your Rallies and make sure their name and logo is placed on all handouts.  These sponsoring members are invited to sent Small Group Leader candiades to your Small Group Leadership training.
  11. Leading Small Groups:  Newly trained small group leaders begin leading Transformation Small Groups within the church/ ministry they serve.
  12. Attendee Recruit:  Small group attendees become recruiters to invite men from the community to attend the Community-wide Leadership Training seminars.
  13. Overflow:  Once a spiritual “overflow” begins to take place within the hearts of the men, they are encouraged to serve in ministries that match their spiritual gifts.
  14. On-going Monthly Rallies:  Each of the small group attendees are encourage to invite new men to the monthly Rallies in order to provide the same kind of support and spiritual growth they have recieved. 
  15. Annual Men Mapping Men's Advance:  It is highly recommended that the hosting church and their sponsors, provide an annual event where men can celebrate the victories of the Lord and learn a bit more about Biblical manhood. 
  16. Repeat:  After the annual event, the cycle repeats itself each year.
  17. Optional Training:  For the more energetic hosting churches, we recommend quarterly events that are much like the Monthly Rallies but additional workshops are added to assist the men in spiritual growth.  If interested, you will need to talk about this option within your phone interview. 
Plan B

Don't become an official Men Mapping Leader, although if this is your choice, please take advantage of our resources.  You can "cut and paste" from our site, download all the "free" stuff or order materials through the IOM America Resource Center.  Whether you choose plan A or B, we are glad you stopped in for a browse.  We know that there are thousands of websites that offer dynamic materials - the important thing is, you are searching for quality Men's Ministry products and ideas. 

If there is any way that we can assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Men Mapping was birthed from an overwhelming burden to reach men who suffer with being fatherless - physically or spiritually. Dr. Phinney's life story reveals the purpose and reason why God would choose a vessel like him to start such an outreach.

The very first group of Men Mappers was a small group men organized by Michael Tope and Steve Phinney in Scottsdale, AZ in 2002. Both saw the need to train and equip men to be protectors of women, children, family-life and the communities they served. Due to the success of this particular group, Steve Phinney incorporated the "Men Mapping" concepts by placing it under the ministry of IOM America (Institute Of Ministry) in the fall of 2002. It continues to be an official part of IOM America.

The Men Mapping concept is based on the study of several Biblical leaders, the primary being Nehemiah. Nehemiah was a cup-bearer, builder and governor, three of the basic building blocks of a man. Nehemiah’s servant leadership was a direct result of a personal and humble walk with God, his king and his people. His influence as a leader was so effective that he was able to accomplish a remarkable feat – winning the heart of his king, strategically developing a plan to rebuild Jerusalem, implementing this plan and finally, govern the people to bring order to the nation of God. Men Mapping purposes to equip men with the same key leadership skills that God blessed Nehemiah with.